Photo Albums, a little musing

IMG_6755Does any one still print photos and make photo albums? I remember when my siblings and I were younger it was such a tedious task that my parents made us do, having to sort through stacks and stacks of photos and then organizing them into a somewhat coherent photo album. 

Now my mom stores these precious albums up high in her dresser cabinet. When I’m spending some time at my parents’ house it’s actually really nice to take down one of these albums and peruse through the years of memories my family created when we were all so young just starting to figure out the world for ourselves.

Now that I have a family of my own, seeing the photo albums my mom kept inspired me to want my kid/kids to have the same experience and enjoyment of cherishing their childhood memories one day. I decided to start the task of sorting through thousands of photos saved in external hard drives and print the photos to organize albums.

What was once a tedious task as a child is now something I’m eager to start as an adult.

A nostalgic challenge I’m up for.

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