Moving Time

I know this is a cooking blog..but after about a 9-10 months hiatus (no, I didn’t have another baby…at least not yet), I think it’s ok diverge a bit from food. It’s going to be an interesting 2-4 weeks coming up. After 3 years of living in sunny San Diego. Our little family of 3 will be packing our belongings and making the trek back up to Northern California. We’ve lived in Southern California for about 10 years, so it’s hard to believe we’re moving back up north and will most likely be putting down roots there and maybe…MAYBE even expand our family of 3 to 4…..🤗 So with moving and settling down in our new place within the next few weeks, cooking will be very interesting as I start to clear out our fridge and refrain from buying any new groceries or pantry items (I’m already low on soy sauce!).

I’m pretty excited about our new place. We’re still renting for now but I’m finally getting a kitchen with stainless steel appliances! I know it sounds so trivial but I’ve wanted them since we’ve began renting 10 years ago and we have lived in 4 places! But… it was never in the cards for me…until now =) I also REALLLY wanted a back yard for my daughter to run around in and I was beginning to have concerns that I wouldn’t get it. But we found a great house with a back yard and it’s the perfect size. What’s even better is the yard comes with citrus trees! yay yay

So let’s get back to cooking, I asked my husband go to Costco on his way home from work yesterday to get some groceries (remember we’re functioning on 1 car at the moment). Once he got home, he commented that I gave him quite a list for only being here another two weeks. I didn’t realize how much groceries I asked for until I saw how full our fridge was. That’s the thing with having a toddler, I can’t risk her not having any fruits or vegetables right? Let’s just say I will be on my very own at-home version of Chopped everyday for the next couple of weeks!

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