Chicken Katsu and the Irony in Life


I think the title of this post is more dramatic than my post really is…but it is still fitting. I didn’t plan to make dinner Friday night. My husband had a work related dinner he was going to attend and I had food in the fridge for my daughter and me. Before my husband went to the dinner, knowing that the drive would be about 30 minutes, I told him to take my car. It is newer, gas efficient, and more importantly, it is RELIABLE. I am also fairly confident in my intuition and decision making skills and for some reason I just had a feeling… I told him to take my car but he decided to take his. Let me tell you, we don’t have a great history when it comes to cars. To be more accurate, we (no he, despite my resistence) made one costly mistake that we’ve been living with for many years. Fortunately, lessons have been learned and we are on a wiser path when it comes to automobiles. The wiser path is for him to listen to me more and for me to be more unwavering! 😂

Anyways, to make a long story short, he took his car and leaves the house. A few minutes later as I was in the kitchen making Katsu sauce for tomorrow’s dinner, I get a call from him. What do you know….he’s pulled over in a parking lot with radiator issues. He isn’t able to make it to the work dinner and has to come home. Luckily, I already had Katsu sauce made and making Chicken Katsu doesn’t take too long. So instead off making it the next day, we had it for dinner that night. And despite the car troubles, my day was still good because my husband was not hurt and my last minute dinner couldn’t have turned out any better.

Ahhh my my reason for happiness despite car troubles and a stubborn husband 😉, making Chicken Katsu after watching Chef Hiro on YouTube was my happy moment yesterday (along with a glass of wine). It’s actually so easy to make. I have learned that to make crispy katsu, you need a good pan that retains heat well, and also use enough oil to cover the chicken or at least most of it. Instead of slicing it thin like the chef did, I used a meat pounder since I didn’t think I can cut as well as he can and that was a good decision on my part! Don’t worry about wasting oil, since I only used it once and it’s still clean to me, I just strained it and saved it in a jar for the next time I want to fry something.

So there you have it, sometimes or often, life throws you surprises that are not always wanted. My husband planned to attend a nice work dinner but missed it because his car broke down, ironically when I told him to take my car but he didn’t listen. We now have to get by with one car from two. But despite this, the big picture is that at least my husband didn’t miss the dinner because of something worse like a car accident. At least we still have a car to drive rather than no car. And lastly, at least we were still able to have a pretty nice dinner last night. 😊

As for our car, we’ve put too much money into this car and it is too old to have any more money put into it. It’s been a plague in our house and we are finally, FINALLY getting rid of it. We decided to go on one car for now and when the time is right we will decide on another.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


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