Custard Fruit Tart and Cooler Weather


It’s finally cooling down a bit here. You’d think living in San Diego, I’d never have to turn on my air conditioning, but nope, it’s been on almost non-stop the past days and weeks πŸ˜–. While I can withstand a hotter environment a bit (more than I can say for my hubby), I also have my daughter to think about and I don’t want it getting too hot for her. So you can imagine our electric and gas bill has been a bit high lately. But thank goodness today is cool and overcast, our windows are open, and our ac is OFF.


Yesterday I made a fruit tart! They’re actually pretty easy to make. I did have a little trouble with the tart crust and shrinking, so I’m looking forward to trying it again and getting it right. My waistline however, needs a little break right now from all the baking I’ve been doing. I also hope to make the custard a little thicker next time so I’ll have to work on that also. For now, please enjoy the picture of the tart! It was de-lish. πŸ˜‹



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