Chocolate Olive Oil Cake

IMG_2041This recipe was shared with me by my sister who tried it and loved it. I booked marked it and it’s been waiting for me, sitting in the favorites of my laptop ..quietly and humbly…ready to spring into action and change my mundane day with its chocolatey olive oil powers.

IMG_2050“Simplicity is a prerequisite for reliability.” -Edsger Dijkstra  

Don’t let it’s simple and plain appearance fool you. I guarantee you, this cake won’t let you down and will be a staple in your dessert repertoire. I initially made this recipe thinking I would probably make adjustments after I tasted it, but after my first bite, I was done.

The edges were slightly crisp, the inside was moist and soft. I could taste the sweetness and the chocolate. None of the flavors overwhelmed each other and the texture was just right.
Whether you’re trying to be more healthy or maybe you’re not, or maybe you believe cake should always have butter and milk, put all that aside and try this recipe. I think it will satisfy any chocolate cake lover out there. It’s so easy I made this while my daughter was napping. I used all purpose flour and regular white sugar since I didn’t have super fine and baked mine for 40 minutes. I also think my cake pan may have been 10 inch instead of 9 and it still came out wonderful.

Since I didn’t do many changes and followed the recipe almost exactly, I won’t put a recipe down. But you can find the recipe here, on The Cooking Channel if you want to try it.


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