Hello Again

photo 3
It was a short but sweet little break.  Spent a few days with my hub and then we spent time with my family for the rest of the weekend.  It’s always so tough to get back into the swing of my routines and my regular life after a break.  The happy news is when I came back home I was greeted with blushing cherry tomatoes!  They were green for so long that I thought something went terribly wrong and I was not going to be able to enjoy home grown tomatoes this year.  But apparently according to my dad, who is an avid gardener, said the longer tomatoes take to ripe or the more time they stay as green, the sweeter the tomatoes will be.  Not sure if he was just trying to make me feel better…but now that they’re ripening we will see!
photo 1

So now I’m back to the work week..but at least I have some wonderful memories to get me through.
photo 2
Beautiful scenery on a trail. 
photo 4First meal of the trip was absolutely delicious! Roasted Lamb and Veal Medallion in a Merlot Sauce.  =)

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