Crispy Baked Chicken

photo (2)
I enjoy eating breaded chicken.  I also enjoying baking them over frying because it gives me time to make a side dish or clean up while the chicken is baking.  When I bake breaded chicken breasts, I have in mind an end dish that is flavorful and crispy.  More often than not, my chicken comes out with decent flavorful, but not crispy. Womp womp.

Searching different techniques and recipes for crispy baked chicken breasts, I found this video on CHOW, demonstrating how to make EASY baked chicken breasts.  The word “easy” was all it took to have me watching their video.  Their straightforward and simple technique peaked my interest and so after making my own adaptations, I decided to give their recipe a try.  I used 3 chicken breasts instead of 4.  I used Parmesan Cheese because that’s what I had.  I didn’t add as much mayonnaise to the dipping mixture.  And not wanting my breading mixture to clump together,  I also didn’t add any olive oil to my breading.  And  as it turns out, I didn’t need it.  I really don’t feel it took away from the crispiness or flavor.     My end dish was indeed crispy flavorful chicken breasts!

Some factors I think are important for delicious crispy baked chicken breasts:
1. Bake your chicken on a wire rack on a baking sheet (lined with foil for easy clean up).  Using a wire rack will allow your chicken to have good air circulation underneath the chicken and avoid being mushy at the bottom.  I didn’t have an oven safe wire rack, so I used the rack inside my toaster oven.
2. Pound your chicken to even thickness.  An even chicken breast will cook better, preventing chicken that is dry or undercooked in some areas.
3. Bake at a fairly high temperature.  400 degrees Fahrenheit at 40 minutes was perfect for my chicken.
4. Use Parmesan Cheese.  It gives a really good flavor.  I also think thyme is important for this recipe also.

If you’re in the mood for crispy baked chicken breasts give this recipe a try!

photo 4
Before going in the oven.

Crispy Baked Chicken Breast
3 chicken breasts
For the  Breading
½ cup panko bread crumbs
¼ cup parmesan cheese
1 tsp paprika
1 tsp garlic powder
½ tsp dried coriander
½ tsp dried thyme
½ tsp salt
½ tsp black pepper
For the Dipping Mixture
2 tbs mayo
¼ cup milk
2 tsp fresh thyme, if no fresh then use 1 tsp dried

  • Preheat oven to 400 degrees
  • Using a meat pounder or a small frying pan, cover chicken with plastic wrap and pound the chicken to make them even about ½ inch thick.
  • On a plate combine your dry ingredients, panko, cheese, paprika, garlic power, coriander, dried thyme, salt, pepper, and evenly mix.
  • In another plate combine mayo, milk, fresh thyme and stir well.
  • Set up a little assembly line with your chicken, then milk mixture, then panko mixture, then baking sheet.
  • Coat chicken in the milk mixture, allow excess liquid to drip off,
  • Coat the chicken in the panko mixture. Use fingers to press more panko onto the chicken as necessary. Cover completely and evenly with panko mixture.
  • Lay chicken pieces, spaced apart, onto an oiled wire rack that is on top of a foil lined baking sheet.
  • Bake at 400 degrees for 40 minutes.

You can now enjoy crispy and very flavorful chicken breasts!

photo 2
The milk, mayo, and thyme mixture
photo 1
The breading mixture

photo 3
Improvised wire rack on top of foil lined baking sheet.
photo 5
Served with a fennel beet salad and mash potatoes.  Enjoy!

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